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Professional Dog Training in Central Arkansas

Call Today to Book Your Free Training Evaluation! ($79 Value)

Get to know us and find out how we can help your dog. Meet with a member of our team for FREE!

Discount subject to availability and cannot be combined with other offers. Training discount applies to first-time customers only.

Our Positive Approach


One of the most special things about a dog is their eagerness to learn and listen! By tapping into their natural intelligence and energy, good training brings out the best in your canine companion. Our trainers are experienced in a variety of positive, proven training methods with dogs of all ages and breeds. This allows us to customize your dog’s training using methods your pet responds to best.

At Pawsh Park, we strongly believe training should be a positive experience for your dog and your family. We understand that each dog is one-of-a kind, so training is individualized for each pet based on breed, personality, and prior experience. We have three primary goals:

  1. Teach your dog to listen to your verbal commands using a positive approach
  2. Teach you to maintain and even improve upon your dog’s positive behaviors
  3. Provide ongoing support and guidance to ensure the training takes hold

Our customized training programs take on the most important obedience commands including sit, stay, come, lay down, and wait. We also resolve common challenges like leash pulling, impulse control, jumping on people, and more.



Dog Training Programs

Stay & Train Camps
Our most popular dog training program is our Stay & Train program, an all-inclusive training camp at our North Little Rock, AR facility. While your dog enjoys a vacation in our premium lodging accommodations, they’ll receive daily sessions with our training team as well as playtime. This program provides the ideal environment, pace, and routine to produce star doggie students!

This experience includes:

  • Daily training sessions customized for your dog
  • Overnight lodging in a private, climate-controlled room
  • Exciting playtimes and activities
  • Meals and treats, fresh water, and soft bedding
  • Daily wellness checks
  • Outdoor potty breaks
Play & Train
Play & Train combines the joy and exercise of our doggie daycare with a unique training experience. Drop off your dog for a fun day of daycare at Pawsh Park where they’ll enjoy running around and playing in our 5 play yards. In between playtimes, they’ll meet with a trainer for a one-on-one training session with multiple sessions each day.

Why Choose Pawsh Park


Pawsh Park was designed to give your pets a good time! We’re a safe and well-maintained establishment. So whether you’re looking to leave your pup for a day or a week, we guarantee they’ll be in good hands. Let your pets have the time of their lives at Pawsh Park!


Dogs’ loyalty and desire to learn are amazing. But they aren’t born with all the skills they need to be great family members. Just like humans, dogs need to be taught what they should and shouldn’t do. Our dog training programs are designed to teach the essential obedience skills and house manners that make the best family companion. Yes, this applies to dogs of any breed or age!

  • Do you feel lucky if your dog comes on the fifth call?
  • Do you ever feel like you’re the one being walked (or dragged)?
  • Have you ever had to apologize to guests when your dog jumps on them?

The positive and proven training programs at Wiggles Pet Resort were created for families like yours!

We approach every dog like the individual they are, taking into account their breed, age, and prior training experience. That’s why we offer a Free Training Evaluation, to help us get to know you and your situation and create a personalized approach that works for you.

Call Today to Book Your Free Training Evaluation! ($79 Value)

Get to know us and find out how we can help your dog. Meet with a member of our team for FREE!

Discount subject to availability and cannot be combined with other offers. Training discount applies to first-time customers only.

Benefits of Dog Training

  • Dogs crave purpose and thrive on understanding their role in the family. Training helps your dog become grounded, happier, and more confident.
  • Training allows for the best relationship with your dog. Do you dread taking your dog for walks? Do you find yourself apologizing to your guests for the jumping dog? Maybe he barks too much? We help pet parents overcome these common challenges and enjoy their pet to the fullest.
  • At Pawsh Park, we believe training is a precious bonding opportunity for pets and their parents. We’ll provide all the guidance you need to reinforce and build upon your dog’s new skills. Many of our training programs include take-home resources and ongoing support!
  • Professional training takes place in the ideal learning environment. Your dog’s going to encounter lots of interesting smells and sights every day, and it can be hard to get your dog to focus when he or she sees a squirrel or smells another dog. As your dog’s training progresses, we’ll introduce distractions to promote better focus.


Dog Training FAQ

What vaccinations are required for training?
To keep our guests safe and healthy, we require all dogs be up to date on their vaccinations for rabies, distemper combo, and Bordetella. We also highly recommend the canine influenza vaccinations.
What happens during the training evaluation?
You’ll meet one-on-one with a member of our professional training team to discuss your goals, challenges, and experiences. We’ll explain our processes, tell you about our programs and facility, and help determine the best training approach for your situation. This meeting is also the first step in developing your pet’s customized training program.
What can you teach my dog?
Our trainers specialize in helping your dog become the best family member possible. We do this by training the most important obedience cues, such as sit, stay, come when called, and leave it. We also work on leash skills, social skills, and home manners.
Can you work on a specific goal with my dog?
We’ve worked with dogs of all breeds, ages, and challenges, so we may be able to help with a particular challenge. When you come in for your free training evaluation, we’ll discuss how we can help.
Do you offer puppy training?
Yes! Starting training early is one of the most important things you can do for your dog. Puppies are welcome to join us for training. We offer a special puppy curriculum which builds a foundation for basic obedience, home manners, and early social skills.