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Meet Our Trainers

Senior Trainer

Sarah T.

Sarah, our talented and dedicated Lead Trainer, has been an integral part of the Pawsh Park family since 2023. Bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to her role, Sarah’s journey in the pet care industry began in 2016 when she graduated from a prestigious veterinary technical college. Driven by her passion for animal behavior, she specialized in behavior modification and earned her training certification from the American Kennel Club in 2018. 

Throughout her career, Sarah has worked with a diverse range of dogs, from the sophisticated AKC champion Black Russian Terrier to young protégés and even abandoned pit bulls needing a new lease on life. Her dual certification in animal first aid and training has equipped her to handle every breed, size, and age of dog, ensuring that each one receives the personalized care and attention they deserve.

Sarah’s remarkable ability to connect with dogs is evident in her memorable experiences, particularly with Jack and Jenny, two dogs with contrasting personalities who, under her guidance, displayed exceptional teamwork and focus. Her approach to ensuring the safety, comfort, and happiness of every dog at Pawsh Park is meticulous, focusing on creating harmonious playgroups and providing individual care to those in need of extra attention. 

Apart from her professional achievements, Sarah’s creativity shines through her hobbies, which include portrait and freelance photography. Her long-term goals are ambitious yet grounded, aiming to lead and mentor trainers across all Pawsh locations while continuing to contribute her expertise in advanced training classes and behavioral consultations. 

Sarah’s interaction with pet owners is marked by her commitment to honesty, dedication, and genuine care. Understanding the importance of building trust, she ensures that every concern is addressed with empathy and expertise, fostering a community of well-informed and confident pet parents.

 At Pawsh Park, we are proud to have Sarah as our Head Trainer. Her exceptional skills, heartfelt dedication, and visionary goals contribute immensely to the growth and success of our facility, making it a haven for pets and a trusted choice for their owners.  You will be very impressed!

Assistant Trainer

Hunter A.

Hunter, our Yard Lead and Assistant Trainer, has been a vital part of the Pawsh Park team since 2023. His journey in the pet care industry started with a summer job that quickly turned into a passion for working with dogs of all breeds and temperaments. With a background in monitoring and teaching manners to dogs both in group play and individually, Hunter brings a wealth of experience and a unique perspective to our team.

Hunter’s introduction to the world of dogs began at home, influenced by his family’s diverse range of canine companions, from duck dogs and Great Pyrenees on the farm to the lap dogs that filled his home with joy. He currently shares his life with two dogs, a husky/catahoula mix and a brown lab retriever, embodying his deep-rooted love for these animals.


A standout memory for Hunter involves Lily Wells, a Golden Retriever who quickly became a favorite. Hunter’s ability to teach Lily numerous tricks, from spinning in circles to responding to hand signals for “put ’em up,” showcases his exceptional training skills. Lily’s excitement and affection towards Hunter highlight the strong bonds he forms with the dogs under his care. 

Hunter believes that the staff’s dedication and teamwork are crucial to making a doggie daycare and boarding facility exceptional. He contributes to this by noting each dog’s traits, likes, and needs to ensure they have a personalized and enjoyable experience. His favorite breeds include Labs and Golden Retrievers for their intelligence, and Rottweilers, a breed he grew to love through his work at Pawsh Park. 

Unique and fun activities, such as engaging dogs in physical challenges and individual training sessions, are part of Hunter’s approach to enriching the dogs’ stay. His positive attitude and willingness to help fellow staff members ensure a smooth and joyful environment at Pawsh Park.  

Hunter is already a Pawsh Certified Trainer but he is actively pursuing AKC certification, aiming to enhance his understanding of various breeds and their behaviors. His commitment to staying informed about industry trends and best practices is evident through his active engagement with educational content on dog behavior and training.

Outside of work, Hunter’s affinity for nature and animals shines through. With a family history of owning exotic animals, working at Pawsh Park feels like a natural extension of his interests and passions.  Hunter embodies the spirit of Pawsh Park with his dedication, expertise, and compassionate approach to pet care, making him an invaluable member of our team.


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