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It’s an exciting and fulfilling moment as we celebrate the graduation of our delightful trainee, Rowan, here at Pawsh Park! This 14-month-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi has brought us immeasurable joy and has proven to be a true star in the making. Let’s take a moment to reflect on Rowan’s journey and celebrate his accomplishments.

Rowan, with his smaller size and infectious puppy-like smile, immediately captured our hearts. He joined us at Pawsh Park as a 7-month-old pup, full of energy and curiosity during daycare. This month he decided to start training. Throughout his training program, Rowan exhibited remarkable progress and a genuine eagerness to learn.

Corgis, known for their working dog instincts, are quick to look to their trainers for guidance, and Rowan was no exception. He consistently responded well to the training, showing a natural affinity for listening and focusing on his handler. His people-pleasing nature and trust in his trainers played a significant role in his success.

Of course, every training journey comes with its challenges. Rowan, like many Corgis, had a touch of stubbornness that occasionally surfaced. However, with patience and positive reinforcement, we discovered that he responded best when he understood the purpose behind a command. This allowed him to see the “why” and embrace the training process with greater enthusiasm.

As the weeks progressed, Rowan’s progress became evident. He quickly associated the training room at Pawsh Park with performing commands and receiving rewards. His tail wagged excitedly as he entered the room, ready to engage and learn. This recognition expanded beyond the training room, as Rowan began to see his trainers as individuals worth paying attention to even when not in a formal training setting.

Among the many skills Rowan mastered during his training, his proficiency in the “stay” command truly stood out. With dedication and consistent practice, he achieved an impressive level of focus and discipline. We gradually increased the distance to 15 feet and tested his abilities with moderate distractions, and Rowan never faltered. His unwavering gaze and commitment to staying put were a testament to his determination and the bond we had formed.

Despite his impeccable performance, Rowan’s intelligence sometimes led him to anticipate commands, attempting to outsmart his trainers. To redirect this mischievous behavior, we employed a random order for commands, keeping him on his toes and preventing him from jumping ahead. A simple turn away for a few moments communicated that waiting for the cue was the correct choice. Rowan quickly adapted and continued to excel.

And when Rowan successfully completed a task, he had a signature move that never failed to bring smiles and laughter to everyone’s faces. In moments of pure joy and accomplishment, he would “sploot” on the floor, showcasing his adorable Corgi pose with legs stretched out behind him. It was a celebratory gesture that perfectly captured his vibrant personality and the pride he felt in his achievements.

As we conclude Rowan’s formal training program, we couldn’t be prouder of his growth and development. While this marks the end of his training journey, we’re thrilled to announce that Rowan will continue to be a regular visitor at our daycare here at Pawsh Park. We look forward to watching him thrive and further strengthen his bond with his forever family.

Rowan, with his infectious smile and unwavering spirit, has left an indelible mark on our hearts. His journey serves as a reminder that with the right guidance, patience, and positive reinforcement, any pup can reach their full potential. Farewell, Rowan, and welcome to a lifetime of joy, adventure, and continued growth. Pawsh Park will always be a second home for you, where wagging tails and furry friends await.