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Get ready to meet another one of our superstars of Pawsh Park – Winnie, the ultimate ball of energy! With a love for playing tug-a-war, fetch, and chase, Winnie is always the life of the party. Her toy collection is second to none, with a rubber puppy ball and a cat ball with a bell inside being her absolute favorites. And let’s not forget about her love for treats, with carrots and Crunchies being her top picks at home.

After the parent loss their 16-year-old dachshund, they waited a year before deciding to get Winnie.  But with separation anxiety and a dislike for crates, they knew they had to provide a better solution. That’s why our free roam play and supervised interaction with other dogs and staff members were the perfect fit for Winnie’s needs.  Now she loves daycare at Pawsh. 


While her transition to our daycare was challenging, with howls and screams when her owners left, our patient and kind staff finally won her over. Now, Winnie greets us with boundless excitement and barks of joy every day. And with her friendly personality, she’s made plenty of new friends among our furry guests!

Winnie is now a regular attendee of our daycare center and an integral part of our Pawsh family. We are honored to provide her with the love and care she deserves, and her owners are grateful for the peace of mind that comes with leaving their furry friend in our capable hands.

Congrats to Winnie!!!


Join us at Pawsh, where we treat every furry guest like a superstar!