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About Us

“Giving Dogs a Better Life”

Meet Our Owner

Pawsh Park is owned and operated by longtime pet lover and local, Kevin Miller. Kevin has always loved dogs (at one point, he had 7 at once + 1 cat!), but he also loves to travel. In all his years of trying different facilities in the area, he never found one that suited his dedication for his fur family. Dogs were put in cages, left to get bored, or not well supervised. He opened Pawsh Park as the high-quality alternative he wanted for his own pets.

Our facility and care were designed to provide an outstanding experience for every pet and pet family. We’re confident you’ll agree we truly go above and beyond for the pets.

Why Choose Pawsh Park?

Here’s just some of what Pawsh Park does differently from the rest:

Day and Night Supervision

Our commitment to your pets runs around the clock. We have staff on-site day and night for an unmatched level of care.

Recommended by Local Veterinarians

Leading local veterinarians recommend us for our elevated level of care and amenities.

Advanced Wellness Systems

Our facility is outfitted with state-of-the-art climate control and air purification systems to keep our guests healthy and comfortable. Our UV air disinfection system scrubs the air constantly to ward off pathogens.

Turf Play Yards

All of our play yards are covered in pet-specific turf. This special surface is ultra-clean, meaning no muddy paws no matter the weather. It’s also plush and soft, so playtime is easier on paws and joints.

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