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Pawsh Points Policy 2023 v3

 Each new employee starts with 12 points upon hire (Starting, Monthly & Yearly points are half for parttime).  Points are accrued and earned monthly dependent on multiple factors. End of the year reviews and raises will be primarily based on total points and performance. The more points you have, the better your raise will be! Multiple warnings and write-ups can result in receiving less hours or termination.


Earning Points

+6 points per month (72 possible per year) for FT employees

+3 points per month (36 possible per year) for PT employees

+1 point for working a holiday shift

+1 point when asked by management to cover a shift

+1 point for staying late when asked (Over 15 min)

+1-2 points for going the extra mile for Pawsh (minor or major)

+36 points on your Yearly Anniversary (Manager Approved)

(72 Earned + 36 Yearly = 108 points – 6 Paid Days off)


Losing Points

-4 points: Calling off from a scheduled shift-less than 24-hour notice**

-3 points: Calling off from a scheduled shift- less than 7 days’ notice**

-1 points:  Additional days off after initial Calling Off

-2 points: Each personal day requested less than 2 weeks in advance.

-2 points: Leaving shift early without clearing with management***

-1 point: Clocking in 10 or more minutes late for a shift *

-1 point: Not doing your job (Minor)

-2 point: Not doing your job (Mid-Major)

-3 points: Not doing your job (Major)


Value of Points

18 points equals 8 hours paid time off (Running total must be >30 points) Must be requested at least 2 weeks in advance.


Negative Points

1st Time Offense: No Points Deducted (Verbal Warning)

2nd Time Offense: 2 Verbal Warnings in a Day – Points Deducted (Automatic Write Up & 7 Day Probation)

3rd Time Offense: Double Points Deducted. (Write Up & Meeting with HR Committee. Possible Termination)

*Reoccurring Offenses: 3 Verbal Warnings in a week will result in a 2nd Offense.


*Exceptions will be given at management’s discretion for uncontrollable circumstances (proof required) and/or documented medical reason for missing work.

**Multi-day illnesses shall lose 1 point each additional day, so long as management is kept informed of your condition and when you will be returning to work. This is your responsibility to communicate. If an absence is 3 days or more, you may be required to bring a doctor’s note upon returning to work. This will be at management’s discretion, and failure to do so may result in losing more points.

***Could be double if extreme

Not Doing your Job (Minor) Examples but not limited too: excessive sitting down, talking with coworkers, or cell phone use; failure to manage problem behaviors in a timely manner; not taking your trash to the dumpster; etc.

Not Doing your Job (Major) Examples: dogs left without water; excessively dirty yard; dog fight occurs due to failure to act; etc.



It is extremely important in this profession that each employee is accountable for their scheduled shifts. When ill or for any other reason necessary to call off, please text or call Kevin at least 2 hours before your scheduled shift. If you do not receive a response within 15 minutes, leave a voicemail for Kevin, and then text shift leader for that day.  If calling off for an opening shift, keep calling until you reach someone. Each call-off deducts points from your total.


Unless you have been seriously injured in an accident, this should never happen during your employment at Pawsh Park. This could result in immediate termination for job abandonment. Alert Kevin within 15 minutes if a coworker does not show up for their shift. We are a team, so do not leave your coworkers overloaded!



Being frequently late to work will not be tolerated. The pets in our care rely on us for their every need, and when we are late, it impacts the quality of that care. Your coworkers also depend on you to fulfill your obligations, and being late adds more job duties and stress to their roles. Each tardy clock-in of 10 minutes or more after your shift is scheduled to start will result in 1 point deducted from total points. This also applies to coming back late from lunch breaks. If you are frequently tardy, you will lose points and may receive a write-up or other consequences.