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Sleepover Pricing

The “One-Size Fits All” approach does not work for pups because all pups are different so we go the extra mile

to make sure we provide the best service for your pups needs!

Total = Lodging + Daily Activity

Lodging Portion

Does NOT Include Daycare / Daily Activity

Tiny – $29.95

(Under 25 lbs)

Small – $32.95

(Under 50 lbs)

Medium – $34.95

(Under 100 lbs)

Large – $39.95

(Over 100 lbs)


Daily Activity / Daycare

REQUIRED: You must choose the best Activity Package that fits your pups needs while they stay with us.

Gold – $19.95

Full Day of Play

Night Play

Gourmet Treat

Premium Bedding


Silver – $14.95

Full Day of Play

Night Play

Bronze – $9.95

Short Day of Play

Night Play

(Play from Morning until Noon.  Potty Break before Dinner).  This is for less active pups!

TLC – $19.95

3x Day Potty Breaks

1x Night Potty Break

Premium Bedding

Unlimited Meds

Lots of Hugs & Kisses