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Have you ever considered using Pinterest as a real estate agent? I’ve been doing some research and it’s an idea that has definite merit! When you think about it, it really makes sense. Instagram is the only other platform where sharing beautiful pictures is the main point. With Pinterest, you get to share beautiful pictures AND links to go with them, making it incredibly easy to direct traffic to your website for everything you have to offer. 

There are definitely a few things to consider and a few potential roadblocks, but we’ll go through each of them. By the end of this article, you’ll be convinced to add Pinterest to your marketing strategy.


The biggest reason to consider Pinterest in your marketing strategy as a real estate agent is that Pinterest is designed to display beautiful pictures and the website itself serves as a visual search engine. Because of this, people are on Pinterest actively looking for information. Strategically tapping into this user behavior will help you reach tons of potential clients. 

Pinterest is a perfect beginning for a customer funnel. If you aren’t familiar with what a funnel is, it’s simply a customer journey. A very simple funnel consists of a customer seeing your pin on Pinterest, visiting the website link and reading an interesting article, and then requesting the free download you offer and joining your email list, or even signing up for a complimentary consultation with you. When set up well, funnels are effortless and just make sense to the potential customer. It’s an easy way for them to be lead through the process of getting more information from you. 


So how do you get Pinterest to work for you? 

A key roadblock that might be surfacing in your mind right now is how to reach your local market. There are a few clever ideas to deal with this.

First, you want to be sure that your location and title are a part of your display name. So, for instance, Leah Patterson Real Estate Agent – Sarasota, FL. Also, be sure that all the locations you serve are listed in your location and description area. In the description area, be sure to add something about your work as a realtor along with a few things about yourself in general. Lastly, create boards that are location specific, being sure to add the location in the board name and within each pin description. 

All of these three tactics will ensure that people begin seeing your pins when they are looking for things in that area.


Another tactic is to create Pinterest-worthy images for your articles and begin pinning those as well. If you haven’t begun writing articles that showcase your expertise as a real estate agent then it’s time to start.

Though sharing other articles is a worthy practice, writing your own (or hiring a writer to write for your site) makes YOU a go-to, knowledgeable resource as well. You want your potential customers to feel like you can answer all the questions they might have. 

You can create high-quality images and batch schedule them for pinning using a social media management program like DIY Social, so that part is easy. The beauty of Pinterest is that your pins won’t ever get lost in the feed.

Because of the nature of Pinterest as a search engine, whenever someone is looking for your pin’s topic, your pin will come up in the results. You just need to have a beautiful, attention-grabbing image and a relevant link to attract them. 

This is an example of what you can create with DIY Social. I created this graphic in less than 5 minutes with an already custom-designed template. Click on the image to learn more about DIY Social.

So as you can see, Pinterest can be a really great addition to your marketing efforts. It serves as an easily accessible and searchable library for the beautiful homes you are selling and the insightful tips and information you share. I would highly recommend taking an hour or so and exploring Pinterest to see what other agents are doing. There aren’t that many, which is another reason why it’s a potential gold mine. With the ability to embed your boards on your website, you could quickly gain exposure and recognition in your local area as “that agent with the really cool Pinterest account.” Most of your potential buyers probably love Pinterest and use it a couple of times a week already. Why not try this way of going to where they are?

If you try this out, I would love to know! If you need some help or motivation getting started, definitely feel free to contact us