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As we move into 2020, what things will you need to be paying attention to in your marketing efforts? There are lots of trend reports out there and as I’ve looked through them and mused myself, these are the ones that are the easiest to implement and that I feel will have the biggest impact. 

1. VIDEO  

We all know by now that video marketing is here to stay. If it’s not a strategy that you’ve implemented in 2019, it’s definitely something to put in your plans for 2020. If you have been utilizing it, now is the time to see how you can do even more. According to an industry report by Animoto of 500 surveyed marketers, 93% of businesses landed a new customer because of a video on social media and 85% of marketers agree that video is an effective way to get attention online. 

There are many ways to implement video marketing, from creating simple slideshows with music to add motion to your graphics to exploring livestreaming. The key is to choose the right ones for your personality, budget and goals. 



In 2020, you are definitely going to see the rise of community. Facebook groups will reemerge as active spaces as well as other community-building networks (like Mighty Networks, Discord, etc.). In general, people are looking for more connection and to be heard. They want to identify with a brand, not just buy from them. Building a community in a centralized place is a beautiful way to do this – You can engage your potential customers by opening up thought-provoking conversations, providing entertainment and showcasing why your products can help them with whatever issues or desires they have. It’s a longer-term strategy, but it’s the type of strategy that also creates brand loyalty and coveted customers for life.


Especially if you have an e-commerce business, weaving interactivity into your online presence has become tons easier. What this means is providing a way for your potential customers to interact with what you are posting. Two easy ways to do this are 1. creating shoppable posts and 2. setting up quizzes. 

  1. Shoppable posts are generally seen on Instagram- they basically allow you to tag your posts with your actual products. This lets customers click right onto the post and be taken to your shopping cart, where they can then checkout. I’ve seen lots of brands do this with amazing success. It’s as simple as taking a few hours on an afternoon to upload your products to your Facebook Business account. After you do this, they will be accessible in your posts. Convenience is key with today’s consumer, so making things really intuitive and simple can boost your sales dramatically. 
  2. Creating quizzes is now easier than ever. You have options like TypeForm and GoogleForms on the free side and a plethora of others accessible with a simple Google search. People inevitably love quizzes, so providing them one that can also lead them into knowing exactly what they should purchase is an ingenious idea. It’s all about your level of creativity in figuring out what’ll be the most attention-grabbing topic to lead into a purchase. The cool thing is that you can constantly test it with your market and see which ones get the best traction.

So which one of these tactics are you going to implement for the first quarter of 2020? Why not try them all? It just takes some strategic thinking and planning to be able to utilize the best upcoming trends to put your brand in front of everyone else!

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